Sometimes, you need the reassurance of absolute certainty – especially when it comes to a medical diagnosis or treatment plan.

If you would like a new perspective on your condition after receiving advice from your general practitioner or physical therapist, MBSP is available for consultation and would be glad to provide a second opinion.

As a leading authority on pain management and minimally invasive surgical treatment of brain and spine conditions, MBSP regularly receives inquiries from people seeking a second opinion. They seem to like what we have to say because 100% of the people who come to us for a second opinion stay with us as patients for their entire treatment plan.

Choose MBSP for your second opinion

Certain criteria is essential when it comes to choosing a physician for a second opinion: Expertise, Trust and Empathy:

  • Expertise in their area of medicine, whether it’s brain, spine, or pain-related issues;
  • The peace of mind that comes with knowing you can trust your doctor to do what is best for you;
  • And the ability of your doctor to empathize and understand your feelings about your condition.
How to get a second opinion from MBSP
  1. Call to schedule an appointment at (410) 266-2720.
    (please note that we cannot accommodate walk-in visitors.)
  2. When you call our appointment line, one of our MBSP representatives will take you through the appointment scheduling process, discuss which physician specialist is the most appropriate for you to see about your condition, and what forms to fill out.
  3. Check with your insurance carrier about coverage of second opinion requests.
    Your insurance or Workmen’s Comp carrier may require you to get a referral from your general practitioner before authorizing coverage of any fees associated with getting a second opinion.

If you have questions, please call (410) 266-2720. We are happy to help.