MBSP is a leading authority on pain management and minimally invasive surgical treatment of brain and spine conditions.
We know we do great work. We have to – There are no exceptions when it comes to brain and spine health, or an exceptional pain management program. You can take our word for it, but we’d rather you hear it from other patients; they are the people who matter most, and their opinion is everything. Here’s what our patients are saying about MBSP:

I have had nothing but positive results from my lower back surgery with Dr. Brian Sullivan to pain injections with Dr. Tushar Sharma. The staffer is wonderful as well!!!” – KC

Wonderful experience while dealing with painful condition! I was dealing with serious back pain for over 20 years and had 2 previous surgeries. Several months ago I experienced foot drop due to back problems. Dr Sharma and Dr Sullivan put together a treatment plan and now 4 months later I feel like I have a new lease on life! Staff is courteous, friendly and accessible. Brand new office and it is spectacular. Dr Sharma was friendly, personable and engaging! Great doctor and great staff!” – MH

Dr. Sullivan and his team took superb care of me before and after surgery. I found their conservative approach to be reasonable and reassuring. Surgery was inevitable because I lost strength in my arm due to nerve entrapment. My questions were completely answered before surgery by the doctor, by nurse facilitators who called me prior to surgery, and by the center’s employees. Everyone was very patient with my anxiousness. The best part is that I’ve gotten back a lot of motion in my arm. I’m doing things that I couldn’t do previous to surgery. And, the whole sore nagging neck issue is gone. I’m just rearing to start therapy after my six week appointment. Thank you for Helping me get through a rough time. I highly recommend Dr. Sullivan and his team.” – KV

Dr. Sullivan was recommended to me because he is a specialist in the Coflex procedure. I was really nervous about going through with it but it is the best decision I have ever made. My wife and I are so grateful to Dr. S. He gave me my life back.”

Everything runs like a well oiled machine! I also have to say a special kudos to Dr. Dix’s secretary, Christina–she is a godsend! From setting up the injections, the surgery, follow-ups, paperwork and forms for work, etc. And she does this with such a warm, kind demeanor! Sometimes saying “thank you” is not enough, but I truly thank each and everyone of you all for helping me feel soooo much better!” – LS

I would recommend Dr. Sharma to anyone. He really takes the time to get to know and listen to his patients. After suffering for quite some time, Dr. Sharma correctly diagnosed the cause of my pain. MBSP is a great practice and Dr. Sharma is an outstanding physician.” – GW

I have never been to a more friendly, punctual, personable, attentive medical office IN MY LIFE. THANKS, Dr. Sharma and his entire office. I don’t even mind the drive to/from Waldorf, to get the best care, and feel like I actually MATTER. Thank you.” – BL

A family member was a patient years ago and Dr. Dix was excellent. Now it’s my turn to see if the doctors can help me too. Yes, it takes a while to get an appointment but it’s worth the wait.” – KC

MBSP was recommended by a friend because, unlike some other specialists, they focus on minimally invasive treatment and don’t immediately recommend surgery as the first and only option. After several nerve blocks administered by Dr. Sharma, my quality of life has improved significantly, and I feel like I have a new lease on life! Dr. Sharma has a warm and wonderful bedside manner which truly helped to make this a positive experience for me. I’m forever grateful to him and the team at MBSP for giving me my life back!” – JS

I have worked as a nurse for 27 years and never been so pleased with a doctor! He is caring and considerate. I went from excruciating pain to pain free in just a few weeks. Dr Sharma followed up with me routinely and truly cared about my experience and well being. I would highly recommend him to anyone who suffers from pain (chronic or acute).” – JF

I would recommend Maryland Brain and Spine to anyone suffering back pain. Dr. Gary Dix was my surgeon. He was amazing. I saw his assistant, Frank, on a number of followup appointments. He was very informative. Finally after three surgeries, Dr. Dix had me make an appointment with Dr. Sharma, for pain management. Dr. Sharma treated me with medication for nerve pain. It was like a miracle. My normal pain level every day went from a 6-8 to a 2. I finally have my life back. I can enjoy a social life and enjoying my family. Thank you Dr. Gary Dix and your entire staff.” – MB

Being in pain is so debilitating and exhausting. All the doctors I have seen just kept on giving me pills. Dr. Sharma is different. He listens and cares. He was so thorough. And the pain regimen he prescribed has made a radical difference to my life.” – JM

Dr. Dix was so attentive and really listened to me about my back pain – and that makes him exceptional in my book. Having the iFuse procedure has changed my life.”